Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Sofia Vistas
  • Date of birth: 30 May 1989
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Address: Malta, Mediterranean Sea
  • Email: sofia.vistas@gmail.com

About Me

Hey! You found Sofia Vistas. I am currently working as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer in the Mediterranean island of Malta. On the side, I keep learning and improving my front-end development skills, geeking around mostly with ReactJS.

On a personal note, I am a passionate traveler, music maker and food experimenter. Optimistic and enthusiastic learner of vast topics, also maintaining and coordinating the Dtective open source project.

More than a job title, I believe in unique job descriptions. I see myself as a Product Champion/Campaigner, contributing from all the different angles my experience has given me. I develop, test, break, plan, strategise, give feedback, advocate, keep expanding and inspire others to believe in the projects I am involved in.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2018 July - Present

Catena Media


Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Engineer in Frontend and Backend, Product Owner for Open Source

Catena Media with its wide and solid platform, creates high-quality online leads to its customers by using their own marketing tools and creating substantive content.

Working in Catena Media has been a fantastic opportunity for growth consolidation. From leading an open source project to bringing innovation when working with a distributed team of Engineers, on a global effort of shipping quality, and shiftling left with more hands on pipelines of software delivery infrastructre - I found that more than a fixed Quality Engineer I became my very own unique job description.

  • Design and implementation of the Dtective automation framework
  • Lead and coordinate the launch of an open source project
  • Full ownership of testing strategies on a global scale
  • Improve the continuous deployment efforts by using Docker, Jenkins and TravisCI
  • Develop non functional testing strategies and their implementation with Gatling and Zap
  • Manage, train and align remote teams of dozens of Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Mentor junior and mid level Engineers

2015 September - 2018 January


Berlin, Germany

Senior Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer

Engineer in Mobile
Blacklane conveniently connects passengers with the spare capacities of licensed, regulated and insured professional drivers.

Working in the mobile team of Blacklane, I learned with some of the best engineers about testing best practices. A strong sense of automation of tasks was embedded in our process, allowing me to develop a deep understanding of automation testing focused on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). Responsible for the release testing management process of all our app suit and cooperating with developers to create the right set of tests that can bring meaningful and actionable results.

  • Design and implementation of functional, integration and unit tests for functional and non functional requirements
  • Profiling & security auditing
  • Improve the testing toolset and techniques for better code coverage and comprehensive reporting
  • Maintenance of the regression suite
  • Management and tracking of defects on JIRA, ensuring delivery of high quality features
  • Creation and maintenance of technical documentation related to testing practices and standards
  • Hands on, flexible and proactive attitude to help other domains of testing within the company

2014 April - 2015 August


Berlin, Germany

Quality Assurance Engineer

payleven allows businesses and private individuals to use iOS or Android smartphones or tablets to accept card payments for goods and services.

Working in the mobile payments industry provided valuable insights on such emerging environment, where quality standards are very demanding. I performed manual testing activities, web and mobile automation using Selenium and Appium, fully managed and monitored the test procedures for a very successful payleven product: the mPOS SDK. Also independently coordinated frequent app releases, got familiar with defect tracking systems and the agile development environment.

2012 April

NAV Portugal EPE

Lisbon, Portugal

Network Engineer

Network and Traffic Engineering, System Administration, Problem Solving, Optimization of Air Traffic Management Systems

Developed skills such as complex routing and packet analysis, understanding network engineering concepts applied to modern aviation systems and monitored a small sub-set of air-traffic network.

My Education


2013 September - 2014 April

Technische Universität Wien

Vienna, Austria

Masters in Business Informatics

The area of Business Informatics covers information and knowledge as well as information-processing processes in organizations and society. It therefore builds the interface between humans, organizations, and information technology. The subjects of the research-driven teaching are thereby information and communication systems in economics and society, especially the analysis, modeling, design, implementation, and evaluation of such systems. Besides the primarily computer science-oriented approach, the success of such systems requires the consideration of technical, economic, and social aspects. Thereby, computer science and economics are combined.

2007 September - 2013 June

Instituto Superior Tecnico

Lisbon, Portugal

Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering

The Bologna 1st cycle degree Licenciatura em Engenharia de Redes de Comunicações (LERC, Licenciate Degree in Communications Networking Engineering) aims at providing the scientific and technological fundamentals in the area of Information Technologies and Communications Networking.The graduates of LERC are provided with a solid basis in these engineering areas, thanks to innovative teaching methods and to the interaction with the surrounding technological environment, leveraged by their insertion in the environment of Taguspark, the largest Portuguese Science and Technology park. Given the solid preparation and the strong practical component of teaching at the IST, the graduates in Engineering Sciences - Information and Communication Networks Engineering, are ready to integrate project, consultancy or support teams, working in several areas, such as operator of communication networks and programmer of distributed applications.


  • Open Source

    Currently belonging to the team of core mantainers of a powerful automation framework called Dtective . Take a look at the main repository and clone the boilerplate to get started in very few minutes.

  • Development

    Currently finishing Udacity's nanodegree in ReactJS. Previously developing small scale projects for Android. Check some samples available in my personal Github repo.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Vistas & Leijon– Our journey to empower refugee women, through safety, well-being and voice. You can find more information at vistasleijon.com . The technical perspective of the journey, in a nutshell, can be found on my Medium account – Call me a digital humanist dreamer, but I am not the only one.

  • ESN

    I have served as a volunteer for 5 years on the biggest international student organisation in Europe – ESN, where my team implemented successfully a social project financed by EU. Developed intensively people and leadership skills by being in charge of the Human Resources and, later on, becoming the Vice President, managing more than 70+ active volunteers at the local scale and lastly being the Chair for Network and Events Committee, at the European level with more than 15k active members.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


Java 80%
Javascript 69%
Python 57%
Swift 25%


Automation Testing

Building a powerful open sourced automation framework called Dtective


Experienced with ReactJS (+ React Native) and some Python


Lithuanian language & Sampling music

Language Skills


Current Stack

  • Open Source Management
  • Selenium
  • CI & CD processes
  • Docker
  • Jenkins & TravisCI
  • Git
  • Mobile Security
  • UI &API Testing
  • React
  • React Native
  • Espresso
  • WebDriver.io
  • JIRA
  • Non Functional Testing
  • BDD
  • Cucumber
  • XCUITesting
  • Appium

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    running, horse ridding, surfing

  • Books


    Recommending: Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

  • Tech

    Open Source

    Maintainer of Dtective

  • Travel


    140 cities, 45 countries.

  • Writing

    Deer QA

    Some thoughts at http://deerqa.io

  • Music


    Producing music. Proud Fado lover.


Get in touch

You will find me these days hanging around the streets of Malta. Often passing by my beloved former home, Berlin, and my dear country Portugal. Feel free to drop me a line and approach me. Glad to hear from you!

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